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We bet you remember there were days when you had to install your games yourself by using good old installers và wizards. However, we mostly rely on one-click solutions these days, so it is no wonder that games from Microsoft Store are downloaded & installed automatically. Just open the app, choose the game you like, wait a bit, và enjoy a new adventure – that’s all you have khổng lồ do. Isn’t that great?

That said, you might be asking, ‘How khổng lồ find games I’ve downloaded from Microsoft Store?’ The thing is, some of them might be hogging too much space on your PC, which means there is a chance that you will end up wishing khổng lồ relocate a trò chơi or two. If you have been toying with that idea & the question ‘Where are my Windows 10 games stored?’ keeps bothering you, you have come khổng lồ the right place. In this very article, there are helpful tips on how khổng lồ find where Windows Store games are stored on your Windows 10 and how to lớn migrate them lớn another location if need be.

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Where are Windows Store apps installed on Windows 10?

Although Windows Store products are quite good at meeting the demands of modern-day gaming và enjoy widespread popularity with kids, teens, và adults, those gamers are often unaware of where their Microsoft games are actually stored. If that is your case, it is time for you khổng lồ crack the mystery: the exact place in which your games dwell is C:Program FilesWindowsApps. This location might seem pretty obvious; however, the catch is, you are not allowed to access this folder.

Microsoft might think that this kind of restriction is here for a good reason since you can otherwise tamper with something crucial, thus harming your system. Nonetheless, being able to lớn manage the contents of the thư mục in question may come in pretty handy in a situation where you need to miễn phí up some valuable space & move some games of yours from their default location lớn somewhere else or in a case where deleting the leftover files of an uninstalled entity is required. With this in mind, keep working your way down – below there is a simple way khổng lồ take over the necessary folder.

Go lớn Owner. There click Change.Enter Microsoft account e-mail address.Check the box next lớn ‘Replace owner on subcontainers and objects’.Apply your changes.Locate và click your tài khoản in the list. Click Edit.Check the box next to Full Control.

You have just taken the ownership of the folder.

How to lớn migrate your files from the Windows Apps folder?

Now it is quite easy to lớn transfer your Windows Apps files to another location:

Press the Windows biệu tượng công ty + I key shortcut to invoke the Settings app.Once you are in it, go to lớn Apps.Locate the game you wish to lớn move.Click Move.

Finally, specify where your trò chơi should be stored now.

How khổng lồ change the tải về location for Microsoft Store games?

You can change the default location for your Windows Store games in Windows 10 by using the instructions below:

Open your Settings app và click System.Go to lớn Storage.Locate the ‘Change where new nội dung is saved’ link.Go lớn the ‘New apps will save to:’ section.

Now you can select the partition where you would like your games to be saved.

Where are Steam games stored in Windows 10?

Steam is booming these days: more and more people go there for great gaming experience. That is why we believe you might wish to lớn know what the download thư mục for your Steam games is. So, no beating around the bush – your Steam games are stored in the C:Program FilesSteam (x86)SteamAppsCommon folder.

How lớn create an alternate location for your future Steam games?

You can easily change the installation path for your Steam games by tweaking the following settings:

Launch Steam. Go to its Settings menu.Navigate khổng lồ the Downloads tab.Go lớn the content Libraries section. Locate và select Steam Library Folders.To phối a new default installation path, click the showroom Library thư mục button.

Now create a new path. It will be used for all your future installations.

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How to move your existing Steam games?

If for some reason, you want to lớn migrate the existing games to some other location, this may involve a bit more effort than you might at first think. The point is, your games are closely tied lớn your Steam client application, which means you can move your games only by moving the phầm mềm in question.

Here is what you should bởi vì to move your Steam installation:

To begin with, back up your SteamApps thư mục in case something goes wrong. This might save you a lot of tears since you may đại bại your trò chơi progress while moving your Steam installation. Bad things happen, you know.Log out of Steam và exit it.Navigate to lớn C:Program FilesSteam.Delete the contents of this thư mục except the Steam.exe file and the SteamApps và Userdata folders.Cut your Steam thư mục and paste it to lớn the new location you have chosen for it.Launch Steam. Log in to your Steam account. Steam will require some time to lớn update itself.

Finally, you should verify the integrity of your game files. Here is how you can vì chưng that:

Restart your PC. Mở cửa Steam.Go lớn Library. Right-click on your game. Click Properties.Proceed to lớn Local files. Click the Verify integrity of trò chơi files… button.

Please be patient – the verification process may take a while.

Now that you know where your Microsoft Store games are stored on Windows 10, you may also want to know “where are Microsoft Store apps saved in Windows 11?”

The new OS does indeed come with a number of changes & upgrades including with new widgets, multiple desktops, a redesigned Settings app and more. However, when it comes to saving Microsoft Store apps not much has changed on Windows 11.


Just like with Windows 10, the installation location of Microsoft Store apps is not visible. All the applications downloaded from the Microsoft Store are saved in a folder called WindowsApps located in the Program Files directory. While the folder is hidden by default, it’s quite easy khổng lồ make it visible & gain access khổng lồ it by following the same steps as on Windows 10. Namely:

Go khổng lồ C:Program Files.


Click View and kiểm tra the box for Hidden items.Find the Windows Apps folder and right-click it.Go lớn Properties in the drop-down menu.Navigate lớn Select Security>Advanced.Select Owner and click Change.Log in with your Microsoft account thư điện tử address.Check the box for ‘Replace owner on subcontainers and objects’.Select Apply your changes.Find & click your tài khoản in the list. Select Edit.Check the box for Full Control.

Once you have unhidden the WindowsApps folder, you will have full access lớn the thư mục where all your apps are stored. If you feel uneasy that you have unhidden a protected folder and tinkering with the files in it can cause harm khổng lồ your PC, this is not the case. Many hidden folders, including the WhatsApp folder, are hidden because they many contain the information that is too technical for the typical user such as crash reports and diagnostics data.

Now, if you are getting your games from Steam, you may also want khổng lồ know where your downloaded files are kept. On Windows 11, just like on Windows 10, you can find your downloaded Steam files here: C:Program FilesSteam (x86)SteamAppsCommon folder.

If you find this inconvenient, you have the option of creating an alternate location for your future Steam games. Just lượt thích with Windows 10, all it takes is tweaking a few settings. You will need to vị the following:

Go to Steam and xuất hiện the Settings menu.Head khổng lồ the Downloads tab.Locate the content Libraries section & select Steam Library Folders.Set a new default installation path: press the showroom Library thư mục button.Now you will need to create a new path. It will be used for all your future installations.

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Hopefully, now you have no problem accessing your trò chơi installation directories. If you want to add something or learn more about storing Microsoft Store or Steam games, bởi vì not hesitate to lớn leave a comment below. Those having game performance issues are welcome to use BoostSpeed: this tool is designed lớn declutter và optimize your Windows so that you can enjoy the most challenging adventures on your PC.