Here"s what beginners will need lớn know in 11 Bit Studios" grueling survival game, This War of Mine: Complete Edition.

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This War of Mine was one of the most quality survival simulators since it puts players in the shoes of a role less explored in entertainment media: the casualties of war. The indie trò chơi is not about the glory & brotherhood of soldiers fighting for freedom và their homeland, but rather about civilians stuck in an imposed survival scenario after getting stuck in a thành phố siege.

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It's now more relevant than ever with the ongoing strife & conflict in several countries. Like its featured subject matter, This War of Mine is bleak & brutal. It's like that on purpose khổng lồ drive its anti-war message across, but players will certainly get attached khổng lồ their characters. So in order lớn preserve their lives and make them survive the war, these tips ought lớn help.

8 Prioritize Wood & Components At The Start


When players loot at the start of This War of Mine, it might be tempting lớn just bag every bandage, canned food, or ammunition lying on the dilapidated groceries but that's generally counterproductive. Because at the start, the player's base is a dilapidated ruin of a house with a lot of holes.

Based on the game's RNG or random chance, some rogue looters can easily abscond with any stocked-up food or medical supplies. So it's better khổng lồ shore up defenses first, meaning wood and components need to lớn be prioritized. These are used for repairs and crafting. Once all defenses are in place, players can feel free to stockpile food và medicine.

It can be nerve-wracking trying to look after all the survivors on a base especially when they start showing signs of weariness. Players needn't panic if their characters start feeling tired or even just normal. The survivors can still function and work under this condition.

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This condition will only start becoming worrisome once it has reached the "very tired" stage as prolonged lack of rest under this tier can lead khổng lồ sickness or other debilitations. So once they enter that stage, make sure to lớn give them some shut-eye. This way, their productivity can be maximized. Not recommended to try out in real life, of course.


Hunger is another huge part of the survivor's hierarchy of needs. Surprisingly, it's quite generous. The hungry and even the later 'hungry' stages aren't really that dangerous. It's only alarming once it has gone past the very hungry stage, meaning starving. But for safer measures, players will bởi well to lớn wait until their survivors are on the 'very hungry' stage.

This way, food is conserved better. When it comes to food, cooking is also generally better since it sates hunger more & can feed more people. Cooked food instead of canned rations or scraps also helps immensely with morale so that the survivors don't get sick or sad or both.

Medicine and bandages can be rarer than food. The problem is that wounds and illnesses are all too common as a result of rough scavenging or cold weather. It's often unavoidable for the group's runners và scavengers or even the guards to keep themselves safe from slight wounds or slight sickness.

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Thankfully, there's usually no need lớn spend some precious bandages or medicines on them. They can simply go to bed in order lớn heal their conditions. If their rest does get postponed, then the slight wounds or slight sickness could easily progress into something more serious. So while the trò chơi can be lenient with these small conditions, it's best not to underestimate them.

On the matter of tools khổng lồ make the survivor's lives easier be it through scavenging or base managing, the crowbar can be an undisputed champion. Players can use it to xuất hiện lots of locked doors, eliminating the need for lockpicks. This opens up lots of avenues for exploration when it comes to supply runs.

Also, it's mandatory khổng lồ have one as early as possible in the base due khổng lồ some locked rooms which contain valuable supplies. In some desperate situations during a supply run, a character can use it khổng lồ backstab and instantly kill some unaware enemies. Overall, it's one of the most versatile tools in the game.

It can be difficult providing cooked food for all survivors so players might over up relying on canned goods. However, they can synchronize the time their survivors will become very hungry khổng lồ the arrival of a trader. This trader will often sell raw food such as meat và vegetables. Those two can be combined lớn create Cooked Food.

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If not food, then the trader typically has some game-changing or clutch items. Players can then spend their trader intervals scavenging khổng lồ acquire items that can serve as barter currency for his arrival. He usually comes back after two lớn three days so it's best khổng lồ take advantage of his appearance.

Another perk of cooking (on the stove) in This War of Mine is that the food won't go bad and also cannot be stolen by rogue looters. Once players have assigned a character to lớn cook the food but the food remains untouched (even for several days) nothing bad is going lớn happen lớn it. It's also immune from night raid thefts.

Players can then treat the stove as some kind of refrigerator where they can stock up on food in case they don't have any spending power when the trader visits. This also puts the stove high on the priority danh mục of stuff khổng lồ build, craft, or upgrade. It's a literal life-saver during trying times.

Depression is one of the sneakiest and most surprising conditions in This War of Mine. Sometimes, it can even ruin some perfectly smooth và comfy playthroughs. It almost always happens when survivors leave, poor quality of life (bad food, fatigue, cold), or when some survivors kill or witness death.

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There are quick ways to lớn alleviate it such as alcohol, cigarettes, or coffee but those can get expensive quickly and is sometimes not good for the survivors' health. A better và longer-term solution is khổng lồ help neighbors or random needy people. Apart from that, keeping them well-fed with cooked food is also a good way khổng lồ make them happy.