Thanks khổng lồ the new, ultra-modern REDengine, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings features both beautiful graphics & sophisticated in-game mechanics, drawing players into the most lively và believable world ever created in a clip game. Defining new standards for realistic, non-linear trò chơi narration, The Witcher 2 spins a mature, thought-provoking tale to produce one of the most complex và unique RPGs ever released on consoles. In addition khổng lồ its epic story, the trò chơi features a complex combat system that uniquely combines dynamic kích hoạt and tactical depth. Enhanced Edition features:Compared to lớn the initial award winning PC release, the Enhanced Edition features lots of new and exciting content:Additional hours of gameplay: New major adventures mix in previously unseen locations, expanding the story và introducing new characters, mysteries và monsters.New trò chơi Introduction & cinematics: All new animations & cut scenes, including a new, three và a half minute pre-rendered cinematic depicting the assassination of King Demavend of Aedirn.BAFTA Award winner & Academy Award nominee Tomasz Baginski brings this key historical event to life, setting the stage for the story told in The Witcher 2.All of the up-to-date DLC and improvements introduced in the 2.0 version of the PC game, including:- Arena Mode – an arcade mode that allows players khổng lồ fight against endless waves of enemies & test their combat skills. Players can chia sẻ their results with their friends by uploading high scores to lớn the forums or to lớn Facebook .- A new, extensive tutorial system - allows gamers lớn be gradually & smoothly immersed in the game world và Geralt’s adventures.- Dark Mode – a difficulty màn chơi designed for hardcore players, with chất lượng dark-themed items. At this difficulty level, even greater emphasis is placed on battle preparation, defensive maneuvers và opportunistic attacking.Official soundtrack in MP3 format.World map - A maps of the game's world.

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Quest Handbook - The Witcher 2 quest handbook for both novice & experienced role-playing fans.Game Manual - A rulebook and interface explanation khổng lồ help you get started. OS version: 10.7.5Processor type(s) và speed: Intel core 2 DuoRAM minimum: 4 GBVideo: GeForce GT 650M / ATI Radeon HD 5770 Code: Select all

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