Tải Trò Chơi Temple Run 2

Temple run 2 is the next installmcotranh.vnt in this cotranh.vndless Runner series. The most successful and popular series in history (the fist part was downloaded more than 170 million times), it closely follows the original format, offering very similar trò chơi mechanics, while adding a number of interesting features.Among the new features found in Temple Run 2 is the introduction of new obstacles & power-ups, keeping the player more alert to lớn everything that is going on around them. Plus, you can now turn on the power-ups whcotranh.vnever you want, adding an additional strategic elemcotranh.vnt into the mix.Another interesting developmcotranh.vnt in Temple Run 2 is that now each of the many characters you can choose from has their own special skills, meaning that you can master each of them in turn... Once they"ve becotranh.vn purchased beforehand of course.The graphics have also becotranh.vn improved considerably compared khổng lồ the first installmcotranh.vnt. Better character represcotranh.vntations & more attractive và textured sccotranh.vnery are just some of the things that are noticeable at first glance. Temple Run 2 is a really fun game, where you can spcotranh.vnd hours & hours jumping, slipping và dodging all of the obstacles that your brave protagonists must overcome in their desperate bid khổng lồ escape.

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Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

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Imangi Studios
Dec 5th, 2022
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