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Grvà Theft Auto: Vice City – Legendary game now và on mobile devices! Carefully transferred lớn the Android operating system, She will now be able khổng lồ please its fans anywhere, anytime.

The underworld is calling. «Grand Theft Auto: Vice City» tells about the adventures of a new nhân vật, & now the action is transferred from a sleepy Liberty City on a sunny and never sleep Vice City-clone American Miami. Character, who will play, was a simple "six" by the leader of the Middle arm, that was a bargain sale of drug sales. But at the moment of exchanging the operatives arrive sầu, Shooting begins, & the main character goes off and no money, and without sản phẩm. The trùm now unhappy, & disgraced the ward will have sầu to lớn make with their own hands và giving the favor. On the way to lớn get inlớn a lot of trouble, find new enemies và friends. And most importantly, that"s always been the game of the series anh hùng have to steadily climb the social ladder, from simple up lớn six, actually, rich & independent kingpin.

«Grvà Theft Auto: Vice City"at one time was insanely popular on computers, most players, and now she has visited, và Smartphone devices. What it loves fans?

Huge open world, which have to lớn climb from rags lớn riches. The inimitable charm of Maingươi, copied inlớn the fictional Vice City. Lots of interesting characters and chất lượng storyline, that will not get bored until the end credits. Huge choice of weapons và vehicles, ranging from ordinary cars to lớn boats and motorcycles. An opportunity at any time lớn go mad và announce khổng lồ the virtual world of their personal war-fight with police, kill passers-by, blow up cars & so on. Friplej after the game, where you can vày everything, anything, having a lot of money, houses & other property.

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Genre Arcade games Requirements Android 2.3 + Devices for phone, for tablet Language English (+56 localizations)