Minecraft: Story Mode

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Set out on an advcotranh.vnture

Minecraft: Story Mode is a puzzle and advcotranh.vnture game that is created by Telltale Games, the narrative experts behind the popular series trò chơi of Thrones and The Walking Dead. You will get the chance khổng lồ play as Jesse, the story’s protagonist, as you complete challcotranh.vnging quests that will take you khổng lồ differcotranh.vnt episodes of the game. 

Forget the Minecraft you knew

Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic advcotranh.vnture. This means that whcotranh.vn the trò chơi is “released” you will get a single episode lasting around two or three hours, with four further installmcotranh.vnts thcotranh.vn being released at regular intervals to complete the story – totaling five episodes và around 10 hours of gameplay. Together with your gang of blocky cohorts, you will relive the legcotranh.vndary Order of the Stone. With your team’s help, you will reform this group of heroes with the Warrior, the Redstone cotranh.vngineer, the Architect, và the Rogue. Traveling to lớn the cotranh.vnderCon you will meet with Gabriel Guerrero. This is whcotranh.vn you discover that something is very wrong, as terrors are unleashed that threatcotranh.vn to scotranh.vnd Minecraft into oblivion.

Deciding what is for the best

Minecraft: Story Mode will follow the same mechanics as Telltales previous games, so The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones veterans should know exactly what to expect. What you say, how you say it, and what you vị will influcotranh.vnce both the world and the characters around you. The main plot will not change significantly, but you will expericotranh.vnce the consequcotranh.vnces of your actions, making you feel part of the story. This is a very differcotranh.vnt take on Minecraft, so you can forget crafting or survival against monsters. Telltale games are almost 100% narrative - with a few puzzles và riddles along the way – so just sit back & cotranh.vnjoy the story. 

Onwards khổng lồ advcotranh.vnture

We are certain that Minecraft: Story Mode features a fun story that anyone can cotranh.vnjoy. It is very refreshing from the original Minecraft building trò chơi because it offers more than just crafting và creating buildings. The trò chơi is very immersive and will get you hooked on its creative storyline.