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Hello Neighbor
Android 6.0

Download Hello Neighbor MOD app android (Unlocked) now khổng lồ play one of the best hornor games.

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About Hello NeighborMOD app android version of Hello Neighbor

About Hello Neighbor

Someday, next door you have a new neighbor moved to. In the beginning, you feel that this man has something mysterious, and you are more certain that his house makes strange noises every night. Something is happening in the basement of this suburban home, maybe it’s something terrible.

You decide to lớn break into his house & explore the mystery in the basement. That’s what you have khổng lồ go through in Hello Neighbor, the popular horror trò chơi on Xbox One và PC by the quảng cáo online tinyBuild, now officially available on both the Google Play và the Appstore for free.

The mystery neighbor

Curiosity is a human instinct, it helps people to lớn discover a lot of things in nature or the universe, and curiosity often is the reason for the main character in danger in horror movies. You are a curious guy who sneaking into the neighbor’s new trang chủ to find out what his mystery is.


Of course, in the process of discovery, if you let him see you, you’re done. Neighbors in Hello Neighbor is an AI who can learn & store information very quickly. If you go into his house by the window, the next time you come back lớn the window, it will be covered by sturdy nailed boards. If you climb the wall from the back of the house, next time what welcome you will be a wall with barbed wire.

Fortunately, the game allows you to lớn interact with objects in the building, which will help you lớn distract the neighbor in case you are detected. There are plenty of places to hide in this house such as a bed or a cabinet. One important thing khổng lồ remember when playing Hello Neighbor is not khổng lồ repeat what you did before because behind his silly appearance is a smart, cunning people & he can remember everything. In addition, you must solve the puzzles that the trò chơi offers khổng lồ win.

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Escape the dangerous house

The nội dung of Hello Neighbor is similar to lớn a horror film I watched before called The Burbs (Tom Hanks as Ray Peterson). At present, the game is divided into three scenes, each of which is a myriad of challenges for you.


In scenes 1 & 3, the player’s task is to lớn simply break into the house, or rather, unlawfully infiltrate it và find out what’s going on there. At Scene 2, you need lớn get out of the house that is tightly protected by fences and strict door systems. Vày not forget that in the house there is a neighbor is not happy when a stranger dared sneak into his house. If you let him catch you, I don’t know what will happen next.

Graphics are not lượt thích a horror game


There are many things that make this trò chơi special, và graphics are a major factor. Many players are fooled by the bright, colorful graphics of Hello Neighbor. Although it is a horror game but the trò chơi is not gloomy, bloody lượt thích Granny‘s, on the contrary, the graphics of the game made me feel like a trò chơi for children.

But in return, what happens in the trò chơi is really something that makes you feel scared. Every second, every minute in the house of the neighbor push the tension of the player to the maximum. Feeling lượt thích you are the thief discovered by the owner, but this owner is not a normal owner, maybe he is a killer or an alien.

MOD game android version of Hello Neighbor

MOD Feature

Unlocked: Full game purchased


How to lớn change the trò chơi language?

To change the language in this game, in the main menu, select the 4th tác phẩm then select the 2nd item.

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Download Hello Neighbor MOD android for Android

Despite doesn’t have horror graphics & sound but Hello Neighborcan still make the player’s heart beat so fast as want to jump out of the chest. This trò chơi is not for the faint of heart, but if you still want khổng lồ challenge your courage, tải về Hello Neighbor from the links below the article & let explore the house of the fearsome neighbor with me.