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Dragon Hills
Rebel Twins
Unlimited Coins
Android 4.1

Forget about the kittenish princesses who can only cry & wait all day! Now even the gentle princess can get mad and is ready lớn throw everything away khổng lồ chase and fight when she encounters a scary vampire. Are you willing khổng lồ rebel with the princess in dragon Hills thủ thuật APK?

Introduce about dragon HillsMOD game android version of long Hills

Introduce about rồng Hills

Now the Princess is not kittenish anymore but can ride the Dragon lớn kill the evil 

The strange story about the Princess

Dragon Hills is an obstacle course adventure game from the advertiser Rebel Twins. The trò chơi does not have too many layers of plot, but just a brief opening with a scene of a princess trapped in an elevated tower and in need of outside help. There was no prince in the dream lượt thích in a fairy tale mother used to lớn tell at night as we might think about, all of them turned out lớn be bad guys. Taking advantage of the chance that the princess was trapped và could not vị anything, they snuck into the castle and took away all the wealth, objects, gold, and treasure here.

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Unwilling và being really mad because of that evil behavior, our princess got out of the castle herself, whistled for the Dragon khổng lồ come khổng lồ pick her up, & set out lớn find and destroy all those who did disguise heroic knights. Thereby, she could reclaim the treasure và regain her majesty.

Did you see it? Just with a few simple “strokes”, all images about a weak princess changed. And that enjoyment will take you into the adventure of the fat princess without hesitation, whether you are male or female và whether you have a passion for this trò chơi genre or not. This is an ingenious approach which is so cool. It expresses a bit feminist, a little weird mixed with hundreds of attractions, making anyone curious và willing khổng lồ follow the adventure.

How to lớn play

The princess will ride the god dragon in pursuit of those evil knight impostors. With just a cảm biến on the phone screen, you can let the dragon fly high, or dig deep into the ground, slide along the hillsides và kick out everything in front of you. The goal of both the princess and the rồng is very clear: overcome obstacles and follow the evil.

The “operating principle” of the divine long is lớn dig a tunnel to get in. It helps it to lớn avoid large obstacles on the road such as rivers, streams, mountains, reefs, lava reservoirs, or shields full of thorns… things that the dragon cannot kick out even if it wants. From the ground, the dragon can take the momentum khổng lồ launch, continue lớn destroy other easy obstacles and then slide along the hillsides to lớn gain momentum to continue going or fly into the air when the time is right.

You almost just have to lớn keep your finger on the screen continuously to help the dragon God bởi all the above operations. Và when you release your finger, the dragon will fly up high. Cảnh báo that once the long flies up and lands, the dragon will be very tired, then usually just crawl but cannot fly continuously.


Let me summarize. Playing dragon Hills is to press for the dragon to lớn go down to the underground & release your finger to launch him on the ground (the longer you hold your finger on the screen, the faster and higher you will be when launching).

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At the end of each scene, there will be a boss khủng guarding the gate to prevent the Princess from continuing. Only after killing the boss, the new gate will mở cửa for you to go khổng lồ the next level. On the way khổng lồ adventure, you need lớn collect as much Gold as possible. This will help you get new spells or nâng cấp your Dragon & give new weapons lớn the Fat Princess. Killing the Bosses will give you more points, then the ability lớn power up everything is also much faster.

The correlation of forces between the dragon Princess Team và the Evil Army?

The princess has the ability khổng lồ ride and control the fierce and violent God Dragon. Và do you think only these obstacles & ramps can make it difficult for our Dragon? But not. Although the enemies have small bodies and only ride horses or jog, sometimes they are well-equipped lớn cause injury or even cut off your Dragon’s head when in melee combat. Your rồng is upgraded through the levels. Respectively, the enemy’s weapons also become more powerful over time. Not to mention in the quái dị battles, they will make full use of the difficult terrain lớn hinder the Dragon’s movement, making it difficult to move and sometimes you must stand still waiting khổng lồ die. So, be careful & be very careful, you should never disrespect the enemy here.

Graphics and sound

Dragon Hills has many interesting mixed colors. It is a bold Western cartoon with big, clear lines in a very typical block, and bright & cheerful colors. But lurking somewhere are Asian features that cannot be overlooked such as ancient towers with curved roofs, classic orange-brown tones, & the iconic long of oriental legends.

But it is not serious. Too many sophisticated details, the characters, accessories, and scenes in rồng Hills are all very cute, witty, & full of color. The villain also looks funny. The princess’s anger turns into a sulky pout while the rồng god’s eyes are always down as if it is so tired. This cast of characters has made the chơi game very entertaining & funny, hasn’t it?


The sound of rồng Hills is also quite good. It is background music that is both fresh, majestic, and a little melodious. I don’t know how khổng lồ say, but I believe that with this sound, you will feel that all the dangers ahead are certainly not something too big. They just can make you click your tongue again if you don’t pass.

In the thrilling segments, the music will accelerate and emerge strongly with a series of lighting effects of the explosions & collisions that are both entertaining và eye-catching. I’m sure that you won’t be away from your di động screen for at least an hour.

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Do you love rồng Hills 2?

MOD app android version of rồng Hills

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins


You see 0 coins when you use the mod version? Don’t worry. You will get a lot of coins after complete the first level.

Download long Hills MOD app android for Android

Let me điện thoại tư vấn it a feminist trò chơi for the image of a fat princess riding a dragon to lớn kill the evil. This beautiful cartoon-style trò chơi is so interesting, seems simple but turns out extremely difficult. It can make every player get addicted. If you don’t play it, you’ll waste your không lấy phí time!