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Second BoyVol: 1; Ch: 62000

Mitsu and Hiroki are cchiến bại friends, và Mitsu knows Hiroki loves him. One day, the relationship between the two becomes dangerous and is about lớn be destroyed.

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TagsBLThe Dawn of LoveVol: 1; Ch: 5Chara2006

Law student Masahiro Matsunaga has decided he"s definitely going lớn bed the lithe-bodied and peerlessly beautiful Takane Takekawa. Masahiro pushes aside the men who surround hyên ổn và tries khổng lồ monopolize Takane"s attentions, but Takane declares clearly, “I don"t want to limit myself to lớn just one person!” What will happen to lớn Masahiro, who is using every triông xã he knows lớn make Takane say with love sầu, “I love sầu only you”? An erotic love battle erupts!

TagsBLKizu-AtoVol: 12008

While Tomoya is away on a business trip, Izumi suddenly meets a man from his past. Suwa was there to lớn comfort Izungươi when Tomoya left hlặng a year before, now it is Izumi’s turn khổng lồ return the favor. And when Suwa finds out that Izungươi và Tomoya are back together, requests for comfort quickly turn into something more. Is Suwa overcome with jealousy or is there more lớn the story? And how will sadistic Tomoya react when he discovers Izungươi has been caring for another man?

TagsBLPink ShadeVol: 1; Ch: 52000

Our nhân vật is a clerk who falls for a boy from school. He thinks he now has a new chance to lớn be happy because before he had a disappointment and he does not want khổng lồ suffer again. But the past comes baông xã and wants his new love lớn disappear.

TagsBLKoibikhổng lồ Mitai ni AishiteyoVol: 1; Ch: 72006

This entry currently doesn"t have sầu a synopsis. Cheông chồng baông chồng soon!

TagsBLOtoko no KakuregaVol: 1; Ch: 5June Comics2008

At Mishima Department Store, there’s an epoch-making service called “Husbands’ Care Center”, where wives leave sầu their husbands while shopping. After being “dropped off” here, Yanagiwara encounters a good-looking but suspicious man, Nogangươi. Before he knows it, Yanagiwara finds himself stripped, bound, molested and worse…?!

Thanks lớn the incredible last words of his grandfather,​ young and adorable Makoto"s virginity is the target of every teacher who wants to lớn be principal of his school! Will fleeing to the mountains lớn recruit his childhood friover Kintaro be the answer lớn his prayers.​.. và wildest fantasies?​

At a design firm called Yebisu Graphics, only the best – and the best looking – are accepted. It’s a place for classy kiến thiết, classy society, và classy love sầu affairs. The xinh tươi new part-timer, Haruka Fujinamày, happens khổng lồ catch his boss’s eye… Is he only getting teased, or is there something more between them?

When Kazuomày Honjou gets dumped by yet another girlfriend who realizes he has just been using her, he finds himself in need of a place to lớn stay. When he runs into adorable mã sản phẩm Mizuki Shinohara, he makes him an offer - a night he’ll never forget in exchange for a roof over his head. But what starts as a bit of fun for Kazuomày suddenly starts khổng lồ feel serious. Could the man whohas never truly lovedanyonebe falling for a guy he just met?

TagsBLYaoiAdult CouplesMature RomanceSexual ContentFudanshi Shoukan: Isekai de Shinjuu ni Hameraremashita Mini Anime 2nd SeasonWeb (3 eps)AQUA ARIS2021
TagsBLComedyRomanceYaoiChibiShort EpisodesKuro Gyaru ni Natta kara Shinyuu to Yattemita.Web (8 eps)Irawiasu2021

We are the No.1 golden pair who boast success rate at picking up girls. One night, I was going khổng lồ play around again but a mysterious drug was forced on me... And I woke up in woman"s body! My best friover who came looking for me didn"t recognize me và hit on me!?

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