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The PUBG MOBILE 4th Anniversary Celebration is here! Cheông xã out the new anniversary gameplay! Experience the upgraded Classic Mode maps & gameplay!【Themed Gameplay: Vibrant Anniversary】1. Colorful Spawn Island: Players can use 4 different Colored Balls on Spawn Island to dye the 4 giant statues in their favorite color to trigger a special performance in the themed mode! 2. Aerial Battlefield: Jump inlớn a vibrant aerial battlefield & transkhung into a colorful puppet. When players are hit by enemies, the puppet head cover will grow larger & float in the sky. Players will return to lớn the battle royale battlefield after they are eliminated. When players are hit by teammates , the puppet head cover will shrink and continue lớn return to the ground of the aerial battlefield. The vibrant aerial battlefield is only available in the first 5 minutes of matches, so kiểm tra it out now!3. Colorful Bicycles: Piông xã up a bicycle on the bản đồ and open your Backpaông chồng khổng lồ find and use it as a one-person vehicle. It can be placed in the Backpack at any time. This xe đạp doesn't need to lớn be refueled or recharged , barely creates any noise when it is used, cannot be destroyed, and can be used to lớn move sầu around quickly. Gọi your friends and experience this themed mode together! 【chơi Game Improvements: Classic Maps】1. Mechanic Improvements: - Reduced the frequency of the countdown reminder in the Playzone khổng lồ minimize interference. - Players can now adjust the viewing angle when holding the prone, crouch, và jump buttons. 2. Control Improvements: - Supports default weapon switching for more convenient weapon switching in the water.- Improved players' experience when jumping over or climbing through things by making the flow of the action smoother. - Firearm attachments can now be replaced while reloading to lớn help players improve sầu their response efficiency.

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3. Map Improvements: Updated the bridge that leads to the Military Base in Erangel, widened the width and updated the amount of cover, & added sidewalks to the sides of the bridge for more strategic depth. 4. Recall: This feature takes effect in Unranked Modes - Classic Maps & the new Ranked Mode - Erangel /Livik Vibrant Anniversary map! Log in to the game now lớn kiểm tra out more upgraded content! 【Map Improvements: Aftermath】1. Updated the appearance of ziplines & the player animation while using them lớn make it smoother khổng lồ use.2. Improved the color-changing effect on the crosshair of firearm sights to lớn make the UI clearer. 【New Season: C2S5】1. Added a new redemption siêu thị to lớn the season system: Updated redeemable rewards và adjusted the redemption limit to the season purchase limit. 2. Adjusted the output of Challenge Points và increased the chance of triggering Challenge Point protection khổng lồ help players rank up faster. 3. The Survival Rating calculation now factors in player recalls: The more players recalled in the game, the higher the Survival Rating. 【Cheer Park Upgrades】1. New environments for more fun & excitement! 2. Added racing gameplay with support for two-player racing và a variety of different vehicles lớn choose from.3. Added a number of small interactive sầu items to the environment, such as the hoverboard platsize that takes players lớn another location quickly, viewpoint transport station that takes players to the Ferris Wheel at the top of the mountain, viewing platsize, etc.