Minecraft skypvp servers

The reason Minecraft players do not get bored is the amazing flexibility in Gameplay. The multiplayer option expands the horizon to an extent. The servers of Minecraft open new doors for the players. It is easy to join a server in Minecraft.

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You need to load the game and then hit Multiplayer and add a server. You can name it and type the IP address in the box. Save it and then click on play. Some servers, however, need downloading of data. Sometimes, you may need more than one attempt to get things workings smoothly.

Listed below are the top Minecraft servers:


This is a popular server and offers a lot of goodies for the players. You get to explore nice FPS games and painting. 




This is another worthy game heavy server. There are enticing games like VampireZ where you have to survive a clan of vampires while playing the human character. Turbo Kart Racers is a very nice racing game. It can be thrilling and the updates are regular.

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Autcraft is meant for the kids and adult players coping with autism. It is a toned downed version with no scary characters and everything in it is suited for the kid players. 

Pirate Craft

If you have faced hurdles in sailing ships in this game, try this server. Pirate Craft makes it very easy to accomplish. You may need some time to get used to this. The ship to ship fights is pretty impressive. 

The Lord of the Craft



Does the name make you recall the Lord of the Rings series? Well, that is not the case here. It is also fantasy based but the focus is more on role-playing! Your character will travel between a number of fantasy kingdoms. 

Grand Theft Minecart

This server is inspired by the hugely popular action game. There are 2 game modes, namely Vice Minecart and Grand Theft Minecart. There are 35 weapons inspired by GTA. Of course, there is plenty of vehicles to pick from. 

Arkham Network

Arkham Network exudes a typical comic-book feel. You will need to make friends without delay if you want to access this server.

The Mining Dead

If you had always wished to get weapons in Minecraft, much like adventure games this is the best server. The fans of the popular Walking Dead TV show will lap it up.

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You may also try out some other servers like the Pokefind, MC Middle Earth and MC Middle Earth.