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Join a world full of ambitious trainers. Capture and build your team. Earn thể hình badges and supplement your reputation. Forge powerful guilds và defeat all who oppose you. Claw your way through the ranks to lớn become the vị trí cao nhất trainer and find the rarest Pokemon the world has seen.

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Welcome khổng lồ Pokémon World Online, a không tính phí MMO fanmade trò chơi with an active community, a fully realized Kanto và Johto region, and constant nội dung updates. We hold events with frequency, from mapping contests lớn major events containing all new areas and, of course, rare Pokemon to lớn capture for yourself. Many of our staff members gather feedback và interact with players directly, making this a social và interactive development process.

Befriend & battle anyone you see; you can fight, hunt or trade your way lớn the top. Customize your Pokémon with egg moves và a fully working EV và IV system; explore the world & discover many quests and details. As a trainer, you can master the Safari Zones & best the Battle Tower - best of all, there is always improvement or something new coming around the corner for our community.

Pokémon World Online (PWO) is a family-oriented game. While enjoying the game you may encounter people from all walks of life, from any background, and from just about any country on Earth.

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While our trò chơi requires players khổng lồ be 18 years of age or older khổng lồ register an account, it is perfectly acceptable for a younger person lớn join us with parental permission.

New players begin with a tutorial maps and are, like our favorite hand-held games, challenged to lớn battle their way through a series of Gyms in order lớn be eligible khổng lồ battle world-class trainers. On đứng top of this, PWO provides unlimited access to lớn player-versus-player (PvP) encounters. While it is not necessary khổng lồ participate in PvP battles, all players eventually will find themselves challenging computer-operated gym leaders và trainers. For those less inclined lớn battle, PWO offers a wide variety of Pokemon to lớn hunt and evolve, some of which are easier lớn find depending on the time of day & location. Search in the grass and sea, be it by fishing, walking or surfing lớn find a prize Pokémon.


PWO has been in production since 2008 and has made large leaps in progress since its quiet birth. A friendly, welcoming community awaits new players, và a competent staff is on duty to ensure unique entertainment. If you are a tín đồ of Nintendo"s hand-held games, you will thoroughly enjoy our interpretation.

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The time for heroes is upon us! You will be granted a Pokedex to lớn help catalogue your data so you may nội dung it with Professors và Breeders all over the world, to lớn help their research. It is your duty to capture, tame, and befriend these Pokémon. Through your efforts, people và Pokémon may one day live together in peace.

The time for you to achieve glory and respect is now. Carve your name into the history books, and prove your might lớn the universe! Go forth, và claim your destiny! A Trainer has been born!


If you have any questions or come across any problems, why not have a read of the FAQ?

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