Streaming games on facebook just got easier


Alongside the big names like Twitch và YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming has been gaining shares in the game-streaming market. With no signs of performance decrease, this subsidiary service of Facebook will continue to lớn be a goldmine platform for game streamers. 

Officially introduced on June 1, 2018, Facebook Gaming is Facebook’s focused applications for interactive games livestreaming. Facebook launched it as both a tab on its own website & a không tính tiền standalone di động app.

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The platform has gradually become successful and contributed to lớn the gaming celebrities pool on the internet. On June 22, 2020, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of Mixer — its own video clip game livestreaming platform — & transitioned their users lớn Facebook Gaming as a joint partnership with Facebook. This shift has paved the way for even more potential users và adopters who are initial Mixer’s users.

What You Can vày With Facebook Gaming

There’s a lot more you can do on the Facebook Gaming platform than just sharing your game screen.

Watch & stream games

Facebook Gaming’s video clip hub gathers all streams, making it easy to browse và choose any chơi game you want khổng lồ watch. You can explore all gaming content based on the trò chơi type or your favorite streamers.


Yes, you can get rewards while contributing nội dung to the Facebook Gaming community. The monetization tools allow you lớn earn money as you stream. You can also create, promote, sell admission khổng lồ your organized events.

First off, you need lớn apply for monetization eligibility. If your application is approved, you can start charging right away. Learn more about Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies (PMP) here.

For all purchases made through Facebook Pay, you will receive 100% of the paid amount, after applicable taxes. For purchases made through táo bị cắn dở in-app purchase on mobile, you will receive 70% of the paid amount, after applicable taxes, since hãng apple will take 30% of the revenue.

Source: Facebook Business Help Center

Game tournament

Having trò chơi tournaments on Facebook is not a novel virtual activity. But in Facebook Gaming, the team has upgraded this feature with advanced options. You can compete with other users or schedule your games beforehand. It is also possible to host a tournament và have viewers registered khổng lồ play.

Schedule streams

Game streamers can schedule their dreams khổng lồ go live at a particular time. The Scheduled Live post is visible for your viewers on your feed.

Add graphic overlays lớn your streams

Facebook has a diverse library for brand assets including logo, watermark, motion assets, transitions, icons, graphics, etc. You may use these additions alongside with your own visual elements.

Engage with the Facebook Creators community

By signing up for Facebook Gaming, you already have access to lớn their exclusive content, news, feature updates, và opportunities to involve with the Facebook Gaming Creators fellows.

What You Need to lớn Stream lớn Facebook Gaming

Your Creator Page

Before you begin, you need lớn set up your Gaming clip Creator Page. This page is the main communication channel between you & your audience. Here, you will host your game streams and post content to build your audience.

1. Go khổng lồ Facebook’s Gaming Page Creator

2. Enter a name & category for your Page > Continue

3. This is optional, but you can Upload a Profile Picture, Upload a Cover Photo, or select Send Notifications to lớn alert your friends’ list

4. You’re all set. You can find your Page’s URL at


An encoder

If you want lớn go all the way professional, you may want to lớn consider a dedicated encoding appliance. For general game streaming, a decent software encoder would suffice. Any software encoder lượt thích OBS, Streamlabs OBS, XSplit, etc. Is acceptable.

After downloading your software encoder, you’ll need to lớn configure your settings. Here are Facebook Gaming’s suggestions on the proper configurations on OBS, Streamlabs OBS, and XSplit.

OBSSettings > Output > select AdvancedVideo encode: H.264Audio encode: AACRecommended bitrate: 4000 Kbps (4 Mbps).

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Tip: You can determine your bitrate by subtracting 20% from your mạng internet upload speedKeyframe interval: 2 secondsStreamlabs OBSSettings > OutputChoose your encoder: Select NVENC, Quick Sync (for hardware encoder) or x264 (for software encoder)Recommended bitrate: 4000 Kbps (4 Mbps)Keyframe interval: 2 secondsResolution: 1280 x 720 at 30 frames per second (fps)XSplitSet up your Facebook output: Broadcast > Facebook outputNote: To địa chỉ cửa hàng a new output, click Broadcast > Set up a new output > Facebook LiveDefault resolution: 720p 30fpsRecommended bitrate: 2500 Kbps (maximum 4000 Kbps)Mode: CBR (default)Keyframe interval: 2 seconds (default)Preset: very fast (default)

How to stream thiết bị di động games on Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming has a mobile ứng dụng for you lớn stream directly from your mobile device. Unfortunately, because Facebook has only supported PCs khổng lồ this point, it’s not possible khổng lồ stream from a game console. However, you may use an HDMI port and capture thẻ as a workaround.


How to lớn Stream Games on Facebook Gaming

Now that you’ve gotten the basics phối up, what’s left is connecting your trò chơi with Facebook Gaming — then you can go live.

1. Go lớn your Creator Portal at

2. Click Set Up Live Stream


3. On the left corner, under Post, choose the Facebook Page lớn which you want to stream.

4. In the middle dashboard, copy the Server URLStream Key, & paste them to lớn your encoder.


5. In your encoder or streaming software, mix up your gave.

6. Name your stream, địa chỉ a description, & click Go Live.

An Easier Way to lớn Stream khổng lồ Facebook Gaming

If manually setting up your Facebook Gaming stream doesn’t appeal khổng lồ you, can help. acts as a third-party ứng dụng that connects your OBS with Facebook & eliminates the hurdles of native setup.

You will still receive the exact same benefits as streaming directly to lớn Facebook Gaming while enjoying other perks. Some of these perks are analytics, video security, streaming to multiple Pages và Groups at the same time, streaming khổng lồ Facebook, YouTube, Twitch & other platforms at the same time, và more.

How khổng lồ use to lớn stream to Facebook Gaming

1. Sign up for a account.

2. Choose Livestream or Multistream.

3. In your dashboard, you’ll find a stream key. Paste this stream key on your software encoder like OBS.

4. Phối up your game display on OBS.

5. In the dashboard, click Add Platform > Facebook Live.

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6. Make sure you’re already logged into your Facebook account. will then automatically connect lớn your Facebook.