Hit: Heroes Of Incredible Tales For Android


HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) was a hack-and-slash action RPG on di động devices with high chất lượng graphics made with the Unreal 4 engine, fast-paced action combat, many stages to lớn fight through, 4 different classes, lots of equipment khổng lồ collect, real-time PVPhường. & Co-op Boss Rsida, & additional modes including Tower of Trials và Sanctuary.

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Publisher: NexonType: di động RPGRelease Date: July 7, năm nhâm thìn (Global)Shut Down: May 9, 2019Pros: +High Quality graphics. +Fluid, action combat. +Easy khổng lồ pick up và play. +Voice-acted story. +Real-time PVP và Co-op.Cons: -Repetitive sầu gameplay. -Pay-to-win aspects. –Lots of farming required.


HIT Overview

HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) was a 3 chiều dungeon crawler action RPG developed by NEXON, the popular publishers behind Pocket Maplestory và Legion of Heroes. Experience beautifully detailed & realistic graphics made with the new Unreal 4 engine. Defeat hundreds of monsters và bosses in over 100 stages with fast-paced, action combat with the ability to lớn use skills, blochồng, dodge, và counterattachồng. Participate in an epic story to save the world from the God of Chaos. Face off against other players in the bloody Arena in real-time or team up with up lớn 4 other players in real-time co-op khổng lồ take down powerful bosses. Choose one of four chất lượng classes, collect và enhance various equipment, và tăng cấp your skills for maximum effectiveness. Experience the next-gene action RPG, HIT, today!

HIT Features:

Stage-based Levels – Fight through hundreds of stages with many different environments, monsters, & bosses.High Quality Graphics – Experience top notch graphics made with the Unreal 4 engine with detailed environments, flashy effects, & realistic animations.

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Fluid, Action Combat – Defeat hundreds of different monsters and bosses with smooth, hack-and-slash combat featuring flashy skills, skill-based combos, và the ability khổng lồ blochồng, dodge, & counterattack.Four Classes khổng lồ Choose From – Play as Anika (Scythe), Lucas (Dual Swords), Kiki (Magical Staff), or Hugo (Greatsword) that all vary in combat, abilities, and playstyle.Voice-acted Story – Immerse yourself in the world of HIT with an epic story featuring well-known voice actors.

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PVP, Co-Op, & Additional Modes – Battle other players in real-time PVPhường, team up with friends in 5-player trùm cuối Rsida, and survive sầu in various additional modes.

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