GTA Vice City was a great game for its time. First released in 2002, the game is largely remembered by fans for its Miami-inspired environment và some solid references lớn the cult classics Scarface & Miami Vice.

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While the gameplay in story mode was quite engaging by itself, players never got a chance khổng lồ play the game in an online multiplayer environment. GTA Vice City, much like the other 3D-era titles, was not developed with multiplayer in mind.

However, players can now play an online multiplayer hack for the game thanks khổng lồ the mod development community at Here"s a step-by-step guide on how users can implement this mod.

Steps to lớn install GTA Vice City Online Multiplayer

1) Install GTA Vice City

In order to lớn play the online multiplayer mode of GTA Vice City, players must first ensure they have installed a copy of GTA Vice City on their computer systems. They can either get the standard copy or the digital version available on Steam.

2) Download the GTA Vice City Multiplayer mod

Once GTA Vice City is installed, players must head over khổng lồ & tải về the multiplayer gian lận by following the on-screen instructions.

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3) Install GTA VC Multiplayer Mod

Once the zip file is downloaded, players must then extract its contents và begin installing the multiplayer gian lận.

One thing to lớn keep in mind is that players must proceed with the "Typical installation" when the installation wizard displays a prompt

4) mở cửa GTA Vice City Multiplayer & select the server

Once the installation is complete, a shortcut icon khổng lồ open GTA Vice City Online Multiplayer will be created on their desktop.

Players can now open GTA Vice City Online Multiplayer & select the VPS on which they would lượt thích lớn play.

Another thing lớn note is that every server can host a maximum of 100 players at a time. Players should choose servers based on the number of miễn phí slots & the tasks available to perkhung on each VPS. Users can also add servers lớn their favorites tab khổng lồ get quichồng access to lớn certain scenartiện ích ios.

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These tasks can range from simple attachồng & defense scenartiện ích ios khổng lồ complex scenartiện ích ios lượt thích saving the president. Once players connect khổng lồ their desired VPS, they are spawned inlớn Vice City & the scenario-based tasks start right away.