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While waiting for new chapters of Hunter x Hunter, fans of the manga and anime should check out these great games.

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Hunter x Hunter is an anime that is beloved beyond belief and sadly has been on hiatus for a number of years. Since it is a Shonen anime, it should come as no surprise that viewers often describe it as a perfect recommendation for fans of series such as Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z.

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Hunter x Hunter has the relationship building and focus on friendship that Pokemon instilled in generations of kids, but also has the epic fights and power system similar to Dragon Ball Z. As fans wait for more manga chapters and anime episodes, in the meantime, they could use games to fill their need for more Hunter x Hunter.


Fortnite may be a bit of a meme these days, but it"s still as popular and lucrative as ever. The art style of the game is just as colorful and vibrant as Hunter x Hunter displays most of the time, and Fortnite happens to have that same feeling of providing the viewer with childlike wonder.

Shooting guns is obviously much different than the combat of the anime, but just like Gon, players who don"t want to be violent can simply grab a fishing rod and spent their time catching fish and having a relaxing time near a body of water.


It"s hard to outright explain how and why fans of Hunter x Hunter should play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Both feature a hero who has an unorthodox relationship with their father, they have to overcome unrealistic odds, and often have to kill monsters and bugs to save those they care about.

Fans who despised what happened to Kite will likely have a hard time with this game as many creatures fall victim to the same thing. Sekiro can however set these people free of a tortured existence, so a sense of revenge is available for those who desire it.


Friendship and hardship are the two core parts of Hunter x Hunter that are often balanced through the series, with it leaning one way or the other for periods of time. Yooka-Laylee is a colorful 3D platformer from the folks who made Banjo-Kazooie and shares those core tenants.

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The game stars two friends, a chameleon and a bat, that overcome adversity through collaboration and friendship. That"s as Hunter x Hunter as anything can be as the anime places a heavy emphasis on the relationship between Gon and Killua.


Hunter x Hunter starts off with a strong sense of the world and expands on it tremendously over the course of the entire show. Gon is an explorer and naturist who loves the world around him, and those who connect with Gon on this would adore The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild takes one of gaming"s most historic and respected franchises and places it into an open-world where players are free to take Link in any direction. Explorers are also rewarded for experimentation and the willingness to investigate every inch of the map.

Without spoiling the show, there"s an entire 60 episode arc in which Gon and friends need to deal with a threat that"s comprised of monsters that threaten the livelihood of humanity. Hunting and slaying monsters can be quite fun in video games and the most recent game to release that does this well is Monster Hunter Rise.

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It"s a game in which hunters team up in order to take out beasts of all shapes and sizes, all while protecting someone or something and making better gear and weapons from the materials they harvest.

Gon happens to squash a number of bugs in the anime, so it only feels right for fans to take on another bug-like threat. Like the Chimera Ants, the Locust are a mutated species that needs to be completely exterminated.

Despite a thick layer of "bro" dialogue, the Gears of War franchise deals with connection and friendship. None of the soldiers have the abilities of Nen users from Hunter x Hunter, but that doesn"t mean they"re unable to kill the dozens of bugs that emerge from the Earth and cross their paths.

Jump Force can most easily be described as the Super Smash Bros. for Shonen Jump manga series. Its roster consists of anime characters from popular Shonen series such as Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, Naruto, etc.

Hunter x Hunter is represented in the fighting game with six characters, those being Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Hisoka, Biscuit, and Meruem. The game reviewed averagely upon release but happens to be one of the better anime crossovers in gaming, and the most AAA place to play with Hunter x Hunter characters.

In the intro, the connection between Hunter x Hunter and Pokemon was discussed. Both center on younger children traveling out into the world and hoping to accomplish their dreams. Both Ash Ketchum and Gon are stubborn and hard-headed, which ties them together in that regard.

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Players may not be fighting each other in Pokemon Sword & Shield, but strategizing abilities and leveling up can give Hunter x Hunter fans an experience similar to what Gon and his friends had to accomplish along their journey.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is not only an incredible Dragon Ball fighting game, but it happens to be one of the best anime licensed video games of all time in terms of critical reception. The tag team mechanic of the game allows players to swap between fights, which is reminiscent of the Marvel vs. Capcom fighting game series.

The worst part of playing this game as a Hunter x Hunter fan is sitting there wishing developer Arc System Works would make a game in this style for Gon and company.

The last thing Hunter x Hunter fans want to hear about is a mobile game, but 2018"s Greed Adventure is the latest licensed game for the beloved franchise. In terms of critical reception, the game received mostly positive reviews and is considered to be good, but not great.

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Greed Adventure not only features an original story in which it introduces "Greed Island 2," but it also unveiled a new character by the name of Sufika. She"s the key to figuring out what the deal is behind "Greed Island 2."

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