Play And Learn English 4+


Educational children’s games have all the benefits that you can imagine with their name, but not only vày they entertain your children (and adults!), they also provide educational qualities without being noticed.

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Because of this, educational games & apps, are an excellent strategy for parents lớn use as a complement khổng lồ an all-round education for children.

If this wasn’t enough on its own, a lot of the games available can be played by various people simultaneously making them a perfect excuse lớn have family time together và to try out a new activity with your children. They will love it!


Playing While Learning, The Magic Of Educational Children’s Games

There are many different types of games available, more traditional games that can be played at the playground or at the park, or there are also more modern alternatives. By modern, we mean clip games or apps that are available on sản phẩm điện thoại phones và tablets, that make it possible to learn whilst playing.

Children start using giải pháp công nghệ at an earlier age than ever before và in no time at all, will begin to lớn use our household tech with a lot more freedom than we do!

The use of giải pháp công nghệ in children is a hot topic that creates much debate, but the truth is, is that in a safe and responsible environment, technology can provide children with many benefits.

The menu of educational games & apps available for children is endless, available on all different types of operating systems, sufficiently simple so that they can be played on any device that you can use with your children.

The apps are simple, very visual, full of eye-catching effects, with animated moving characters that use all of the options available to grab the attention of young people.

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The best part is that most games can be played together, or at the very least, you can play along with them, helping them whilst they play. You will notice that as they move around the characters, or answer questions, your children will begin lớn familiarize themselves with letters, language, geography, shapes, etc…

Playing and learning! As a result, educational children’s games are a useful tool for learning that also give you the chance to spend some unique time with your children.


The Best Games & Apps lớn Try With Your Children

There are thousands of apps available. The majority are games & many of those are aimed at children. Consequently, you will have many options lớn choose from that can become quite overwhelming.

That is why we have put together a selection of educational games for you to try out with your children. But be careful! Make sure that you don’t find yourself more addicted lớn the games than they are!

An award-winning company that makes Language Learning for Kids fun! provides this experience through videos, activities, songs, và games in English that adapt to your child’s cấp độ of difficulty and the tốc độ at which they learn.



Mario’s Alphabet

In this app, you have lớn help a friendly monster overcome different obstacles within his fantasy world. The obstacles are made from letters, making this game an ideal way lớn help children learn khổng lồ read.

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Lightbot Code Hour

A different and curious trò chơi where children are submerged into a simple but surprisingly intuitive world of programming. They will need lớn help a small robot overcome obstacles that become progressively harder & as a result will learn the basics of programming. Ideal for beginners!


Dr. Panda Restaurant

Here you & your children must help Dr. Panda lớn organize his restaurant. Children will learn very basic elements of a business as well as some very delicious Asian recipes!


Lola’s Alphabet Train

A trò chơi that takes part on a train in which children accompany Lola, a friendly panda on a journey lớn learn the alphabet. The alphabet is available in English, Spanish, & other languages which are very useful.


There are many great educational games and apps to lớn choose from & these are just a few to get you started. They will all bring you many hours of fun, enjoyment, & plenty of learning. What are you waiting for?