After the successful journey of The House Of The Dead 1, the SEGA Corporation released The House Of The Dead 2 internationally in 2001, with new graphics, music, & new bosses.

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The House Of The Dead 2 is a 1st-Person Perspective arcade horrorgame, with a light gun shooter. This trò chơi is second in the series of The House Of The Dead and has a story where some zombie-type dead creatures attack the city, and James, G, & its other official colleagues trying lớn save the city.
I received a request khổng lồ bring you The House Of The Dead 2 for PC without having any virus, so I tried & got this game, I officially verified this và this is the original copy of the SEGA Corporation release & is completely virus-free, I will not recommend any other source.
To get and run this trò chơi please follow my each và every step otherwise you will face issue in running the game.
Step 1: It required Daemon Tools Liteto extract and create a virtual drive to lớn bypass the CD-ROM error.

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Step 2: After that, you have khổng lồ right-click on "House Of the Dead 2.img" and xuất hiện with "DAEMON Tools Agent". A new virtual CD Room Drive will be created. Mở cửa that and double click on "AUTORUN.EXE".



Step 4: After the trò chơi successfully being installed, now you have khổng lồ go khổng lồ the path where the game installed, in my case the path is:

And that"s all now double click on "Hod2.exe" enjoy playing the game. Now every time you want khổng lồ play the game you have khổng lồ create a virtual drive already discussed in step 2, & then start the game.
I have noticed an issue with a DAEMON Tool let me tell you the issue và its fix. The issue arises when you create many virtual drive, the issue "You are using all available virtual drives".
To fix this issue all you have to vì chưng is just mở cửa the DAEMON Tool and at the bottom of the window và the right side of the "Quick Mount" you will see the created drives, just mouse over them and you will see an X button khổng lồ remove the drive, remove them all & now you can create virtual drive again.

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thanku for the halp bro( Due khổng lồ u i am able lớn make a website. Thanku so much love u alot.

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