If lượt thích me you reminisce about how they don’t make them like this anymore, well in this case they did.

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A good decade after “Colour of the Truth” and “Colour of the Loyalty” came the final installment of what is lớn date a loose thematic trilogy produced by Wong Jing. With the first two riding the wave of crime thrillers that followed the smash hit “Infernal Affairs”, this latter piece feels a bit out of time, as usually sequels tend to lớn follow thick và fast in the region. With an eclectic cast of up và coming talent mixed with veteran performers, is it able to stand out from what is a fairly crowded genre?

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After an incident involving the rape & murder of gangland boss khủng Dragon’s (Lau Siu Ming) wife, Wallace (Simon Yam) is ordered by Slaughter (Lam Suet) lớn put a team together khổng lồ take out the culprit, Robert, the son of another quái thú Nine (Waise Lee). He recruits Chun (Jordan Chan), BBQ (Cheung Siu-fei), tráng sĩ (Lit Wai Leung) alongside his no 2 Sky (Philip Ng) and daughter Lily (Sabrina Qiu). After a failed attempt that leads khổng lồ BBQ being wounded, the team is forced into hiding. Unbeknownst to them, Sky is actually an undercover policeman and is the one the triads are also trying lớn find. Loyalties become increasingly conflicted as they find out they have been betrayed and set up to lớn take the fall by any means. As the truth emerges, a final confrontation must take place but not all will survive unscathed.

Simon Yam has a world-weary air in the lead role. It’s a downbeat performance and his face looks lượt thích it has lived every year. He retains his charisma, but we get both sides of his character. One that inspires loyalty from his team yet also a man that has lớn survive. He knows the world in which he resides và the dangers it includes. Like many of his contemporaries, as he has aged, his performances have become more nuanced when the effort is required, and he is a perfect fit for the part. Similarly, Jordan Chan who in his youth was fairly annoying in his past works, but possesses a more lived in look here. His Chun is essentially playing how an older version of his “Young và Dangerous” style character if he had graduated khổng lồ middle age. Philip Ng, representing the younger generation, gets to vì a bit more than martial arts as the undercover cop questioning his loyalties part that is almost requisite for these features, & a debuting Sabrina Qiu is more than capable as Wallace’s feisty daughter Lily. Cheung Siu-fei as the loyal BBQ & Lit Wai Leung as siêu anh hùng provide solid supporting turns as the remainder of Wallace’s crew.

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Fatalism is something that is interconnected with the genre & it does mean that we know where the outcome is heading, long before the conclusion. These characters, however, accept this as part of the life they have chosen and therefore death is inevitable, just a matter of when. Scratch beneath the surface gloss (bright trắng suits that inevitably are blood stained at the over for example) & there is a melancholic air about proceedings. BBQ needs to bởi vì the job as has medical bills khổng lồ pay for his wife, despite Wallace’s reluctance khổng lồ involve him. Loyalty is a shifting sand and despite the pretext of honour, it is sacrificed throughout for financial gain. From the moment they take on the job they are doomed, and Wallace seems to lớn recognize it straight away. We get a clear contrast in the actions of the foot soldiers that act within their own code of honour and their bosses that will do anything for the pursuit of power. While the police side of the story appears weaker with their flitting in và out of the narrative, they are not the focus so a lack of depth here can be understood.

Familiarity though does not always bring contempt và we get a very well-crafted narrative almost from the outset. With the acting kept straight (apart from Waise Lee who I think started making me twitch watching him overact) there are scenes of dark comedy that play really well. The crew’s invasion of a slaughter’s house lớn interrogate him is a pitch perfect sequence of mounting tension amidst the nervous laughter. Desperate to lớn avoid questioning, he keeps taking helping after helping of the meal, trying to postpone the inevitable. It’s a fantastic scene that is beautifully played by all & especially by Lam Suet. Some of the narrative may feel a bit contrived but genre tropes are what we expect at times. Brotherhood & loyalty is a theme that goes back lớn the days of Wu Xia fiction và combined with the fatalism that this belief often leads us lớn understand the actions of the characters. There is one exception khổng lồ this và comes right at the conclusion that feels lượt thích a narrative device as it the character’s actions feel out of place.

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The kích hoạt sequences are efficiently done with a couple of explosive shootouts & a finale that recalls the best of heroic bloodshed. We even get a brutal duel that allows Philip Ng khổng lồ cut loose with his martial skills. The sequences are clearly shot with little of the frenetic editing that mars them at times. What makes the final scenes even better is the flashbacks to lớn the earlier days of Wallace, BBQ and Chun as we see their former selves in the same location joining the triads. It gives us the sense of life coming full circle as they meet their fate.

“Colour of the Game” is one of the better modern era crime thrillers. With a solid storyline, it reminds of the heroic bloodshed movies that resonated with my generation. It’s well directed và performed và featuring enough action to satisfy the inner adrenaline junkie. It involves you with the characters and has a sincerity that many of its genre lack. If, like me, you reminisce about how they don’t make them lượt thích this anymore, well in this case they did.

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