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Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Ironhide Games
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Android 4.2Can play offline

“When you want lớn show off your strategy, play the tower defense game”. Don’t look for the source because I’m the one who invented this saying. Lol. After many years of playing mobile games, for me, no genre helps you show off your superior tactical skills more than tower defense games. & Kingdom Rush Frontiers MOD app android is one of the titles that you must have in your game list.

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Introduce about Kingdom Rush FrontiersDownload Kingdom Rush Frontiers MOD android for Android

Introduce about Kingdom Rush Frontiers

A place khổng lồ show off top-notch tower defense strategy skills

Why did I choose Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a defense strategy trò chơi from the quảng cáo trên internet Ironhide Games. It is no longer strange with the theme of building towers, tower defense, arranging formations, deploying troops to lớn fight off enemy attacks. Not saying it lớn promote or anything. But really, compared khổng lồ other games of the same type, you will find a feeling of both familiarity and strangeness when playing Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

Strange with countless rounds và constantly moving things on the screen 

Yes. It is constantly moving, even when you are busy thinking about another matter. If you are familiar with the slow play style of Plants vs Zombies or the hardstyle in the Defense series, then going to lớn Kingdom Rush Frontiers, you will see a fast-paced screen with diverse views, constantly changing và transforming game rounds. Nothing in Kingdom Rush Frontiers is stationary. Even if you are preoccupied with thinking of some other strategy, everything in it is always in motion, và so your mind is also moving, voluntarily và enthusiastically.


For example, in a scene at the beginning when the invaders rush into the trail leading to the thành phố center, you have dragons. Dragons high above are constantly firing bullets in all directions at the enemy. So, no matter what else you are busy with at that time or are sending more troops, the battlefield is always exciting.

The defense strategy also needs khổng lồ be different

Your main task cannot be more classic. It is to protect your kingdom from the stormy attacks of aggressive monsters. They are not just around a few types of enemies with hats, clothes, và armor. But there are many different types of monsters here. Orcs, Goblins, or giant monsters keep coming.

Just play and then you will, in turn, witness the most terrible monsters. From the freak subordinates with countless numbers to lớn the big bosses who live so long và are very good at fighting. There are even many very strange ones. They can run at lightning tốc độ or have the ability khổng lồ fly lượt thích a dragon or have long health.

So, your tower defense strategy is also different in each battle. For example, as for the giants, you need to gather all your troops khổng lồ fight one by one. As for a large number of enemies, let the fire long spit out a quick kill và win quickly.

The construction process of the fortress

When playing Kingdom Rush Frontiers, you can’t just fight & defend with human power & dragon power. You also have lớn continuously build fortresses, large and small guard posts to lớn prevent the enemy and their massive attack before completely destroying them.

Here comes the hard work. In fact, for me, this is the key khổng lồ the beauty of this game. It makes the defense battle not passive. On the contrary, we are always in the upper hand, actively creating “scenes” and “trapping” the enemy instead of just waiting for them khổng lồ come.

It is also the time khổng lồ show your sharp tactical mind. The fortress is not meant to lớn be left alone or put anywhere. The number và scope of influence of the fortress are also limited. So, we have to lớn put them in a reasonable place so that we can stop the most enemy troops, & they must spend the most effort khổng lồ attack the fortress before facing our soldiers.

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers gives us 4 types of fortresses khổng lồ build (optional). Each type has its own ability. The quartet that makes the game’s success are Archer Tower, Militia Barracks, Mage Tower, and Dwarven Bombard.

In each battle, when you kill any monster, you will receive gold coins. This gold is used to lớn upgrade the fortress. After each upgrade, the fortress will increase in strength và change in appearance. Therefore, the inherently attractive building of fortress và guard posts is even more enhanced.

In addition khổng lồ gold coins, victories also bring experience points to the player. You can choose khổng lồ upgrade fixed combat stats for your troops và fortresses.

Epic anh hùng forces

Fortresses và guard posts have the effect of preventing the enemy & consuming their forces on the way lớn attack. But that’s not enough. Many types of enemies can pass through the fortress easily, either because you vì chưng not position the fortresses properly, or because there are still many monsters that can break through the barrier và move forward again. What should we bởi vì then?

We will need heroes.

This heroic force is the key, the last powerful backup for the defense of the kingdom. During the game, you can arrange heroes to tư vấn you in specific positions in the battle. Taking advantage of each person’s strengths, agile arrangement, and flexible combat strategy will be the key for you to knock out the enemy before they can creep through the stronghold.

After fighting & winning, the heroes can be upgraded. The higher the level, the more likely to lớn win, the greater the damage, và the more battle experience.

If you love the Kingdom Rush series, we have several games for you, including Kingdom Rush & Kingdom Rush Origins.

Exciting trò chơi mode

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is divided into many different stages. Each stage will have 3 levels: Easy/ Normal & Hard. In addition, this trò chơi also has special stages with a high challenge for those who want lớn try their superior skills. These stages appear randomly on the bản đồ and if you pass, the rewards will be huge, several times higher than normal.

Graphics & sound

2D images in Kingdom Rush Frontiers are quite simple, bold hand-drawn style with lovely retro màu sắc tones. Everything that appears before your eyes is tiny, from heroes, monsters khổng lồ fortresses, guard posts, and the surrounding context. Each level is a different màu sắc tone and perspective. But standing out on that background are also great visual effects that are bright, explosive, and extremely eye-catching. Once you play it, you will soon be addicted to this type of graphics. It’s lượt thích a girl who looks a bit simple at first but if carefully seen, she looks very charming, and above all, has a lot of personality and depth. With Kingdom Rush Frontiers, playing over and over again is still not boring.

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The whole battle takes place in a gentle và quite melodious atmosphere. So strange again, right? But the climax is always accompanied by a piece of different fast tempo music, depicting the fierceness of the war. The sound effects from the battle at the fortress & the attacks from the hero to the trùm cuối must be said khổng lồ be very monumental, not losing lớn any fierce battles you have ever experienced.